The Race Matters Institute customizes all of its work to meet each client’s specific needs, using the latest data and analyses available and grounding these in the contexts within which our clients work.  We co-design the work with our clients to ensure that they achieve what their organizations need, in a sequence that enables meaningful, measurable change to be realized and sustained.

We provide various kinds of services and products based upon where your organization is in the process of its racial equity work.  Curious about where your organization stands?  Take the Racial Equity Organizational Assessment.  Want to see the services and products we have to choose from?  We invite you to take a look.

Urgent, lifelong work

As you think through how to approach your next steps, here are some further considerations:

  • Because racial equity is about optimal mission performance, everyone has a role to play. Thus, every staff member and every Board member needs the capacity to contribute.
  • Because this is urgent work, it’s good to start with what’s currently on your plate to apply a racial equity lens.
  • Because this is lifelong work, it’s important to create an overall strategy with sequenced, measurable results to be achieved.
  • The ultimate goal is to “hard-wire” racial equity into all organizational policies and practices and racial equity competencies into all organizational role expectations.
  • There’s no single “right way” to become a race-informed organization – although there certainly are best practices and proven sequences. Our commitment is to work with you to identify the pathway(s) that best meet the multiple variables that constitute your organization’s circumstances. The fact that our business is built almost solely on repeat clients and client referrals demonstrates our ability to connect with our client’s specific needs and aspirations.

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