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Talking to Young Children About Race and Racism

Children are never too young to learn about diversity. As young as 3 months old, they may look differently at people who look like or don’t look like their primary caregivers. PBS for Parents has compiled resources designed to give parents and caregivers the confidence to handle […]

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How Black leaders are pursuing racial equity in St. Louis

During her campaign, newly elected St. Louis mayor Tishaura Jones promised to tackle the history of deep neglect that had kept her city mired in poverty and blight by looking “at every issue through a racial equity lens.” Instead of laying blame on people, Jones pointed to […]

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An Activist Turned Mainstream Environmental Leader Argues that Racism is Killing the Planet

As director of organizational transformation at the Sierra Club, Hop Hopkins is contributing to the design of the group’s efforts on justice and inclusion as well as the examination of its mission and theory of change with regard to racial equity. Within the organization and its chapters […]

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Demography Is Not Destiny

Adam Sewer contends in this piece for The Atlantic that the 2020 census findings that the white American population has declined might not tell us as much about the political and ideological future of America as some pundits might want us to believe – “Neither the fiction […]

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Ten Ways That Racial And Environmental Justice Are Inextricably Linked

In November of 2021, world leaders will be gathering in Glasgow for the successor to the landmark Paris Climate Agreement of 2015. In Paris, the world agreed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change by trying to limit global temperature increases to 2C above pre-industrial levels […]

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What is critical race theory? Explaining the discipline that Texas’ governor wants to “abolish”

Last year, conservative activists began using the term “critical race theory” publicly to denounce anti-racist education efforts. Since then, conservative lawmakers, commentators and parents have raised the alarm that critical race theory is being used to teach children that they are racist, and that the U.S. is […]

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3 Ways Schools Can Support Racial Equity

Many U.S. educators are taking a look at how schools’ institutional practices – from the curriculum that is taught to the way that discipline is implemented – reinforce existing systems of power in the United States. But creating schools that intentionally try to unwind years of systemic […]

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America’s Struggle to Overcome Racial Inequities

“If the 2009 inauguration of President Barack Obama was to have ushered in a unified, ‘post-racial America,’ then events of the past 13 months confirm that, when it comes to race, the U.S. is still a house divided against itself. Some 156 years after the Confederate Army […]

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Words Matter: How to Make Your Communication Inclusive

What ways can the language we use reinforce existing stereotypes and biases? In an episode of the podcast Think Fast, Talk Smart, produced by Stanford Graduate School of Business, Senior Associate Dean and Professor of Organizational Behavior Sarah Soule and host Matt Abrahams discuss how the details […]

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How are States Addressing Racial Equity in COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts?

As COVID-19 vaccine distribution continues and expands to larger segments of the population a new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation raises concerns about disparities in vaccinations for Black and Hispanic people. Ensuring equitable access to the vaccines will be important to mitigate the disproportionate impacts of […]

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