Systematic Inequality and American Democracy

While the nation has undoubtedly made progress, entrenched structural racism continues to corrupt American democracy and preserve racial inequality. This report by the Center for American Progress,  part of a series on structural racism in the United States, examines how lawmakers continue to protect discriminatory policies and […]

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Winthrop Rockefeller Institute Under 40 Forum Features RMI Training

“The Winthrop Rockefeller Institute, in partnership with the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service, hosted the fourth annual Under 40 Forum. The Forum brought together young leaders identified by Arkansas Business and the Northwest Arkansas Business Journal to discuss a pressing issue in the state. […]

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The Power of Perception

“If there was evidence that your communications were limiting your impact, undermining the case for equity, and possibly smearing those you seek to help, would you do something about it?” Author and CEO of the award-winning-narrative-change network BMe Community, Trabian Shorters, poses this question in “The Power […]

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Diversity Fatigue is Real

As the author of this piece notes, “commitments to ‘diversity work’ ebb and flow over the decades. The ebbing is not due to a lack of commitment or conviction. Rather, it can be debilitating to meet the demand for free lessons in cultural competency, while at the […]

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Contracting for Equity

The Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) joined forces with the Insight Center for Economic Development and author Tim Lohrentz to produce this hands-on issue brief that provides a common approach to furthering the field of practice of contracting equity within government. As noted by the […]

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The Business Case for Racial Equity

“Children who grow up in a society where their health, education, and well-being are considered valuable and important have higher achievement in school and more opportunities for employment and financial stability as adults. And just as advancing racial equity has a profound effect on children and their […]

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Racial Equality or Racial Equity? The Difference it Makes

Third in the blog series “What is Racial Equity?” by the Race Matters Institute Are you confused about the difference between equality and equity? You’re not alone! Let’s see if we can help clarify. This is not a word game – it matters deeply for how we […]

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Racial Equity Cannot Be Measured Without Disaggregating Data

Applying a racial equity lens to one’s work requires that data be “broken apart” by race. At the Race Matters Institute, one of the first questions we ask the organizations we work with is: Does your organization systematically disaggregate the data it uses by race? Let’s define […]

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What do We Mean When We Say Racial Equity?

During a staff meeting about the Institute’s work, one of my colleagues turned to me and said, “When we write about racial equity, we expect people to not only know what we are talking about but also to understand it.” I turned to her and said, “They […]

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Place Matters: Talking about Race, Place, History, and Today’s Communities

Recently, I had the opportunity to speak at a staff retreat with a group of K-12 educators and staff who were grappling with how to talk about race and identity with faculty in their schools, especially with new teachers. A common theme that continued to arise was […]

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