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A large family-focused nonprofit recognizes that racial equity is everyone’s work. As an organization with over 800 employees serving a diverse population (over 6,000 children plus their family members), the Race Matters training and tool kit has given us a great framework to do our work! Having a common language and filters … has been very valuable. As a result of our training, sub groups have been formed to “tackle” some pressing policy issues, using the tools. While we know this work is not easy and will be ongoing, there is a commitment from the CEO to all levels to be racially informed in all our work.

A policy advocacy organization works specifically to close racial gaps. We wanted to participate in a training that discussed the importance of how the color of one’s skin has helped create our public policies…so that as we advocate and work in partnership with key stakeholders, we can negotiate changes in policies and practices that try to address the disparities we see today. Race Matters was a journey for self-reflection and provided a framework to pursue strategies to overcome disparities more explicitly and equipped us to be “racially informed.” It especially helped us discuss how we wanted to change the long-standing messaging around the racial divide and the disparities in our city.

An advocacy group becomes intentional in its communications strategy. The beauty of the (RMI) communications framework is … that it … spurs an organization to mindful choice.  The training and process are about having awareness of what choices are being made – consciously or not – when presenting information, and heightening the degree of effectiveness in communication. The (RMI) policy framework is so simple and yet so powerful. That central consideration – does this policy support equity – really increases accountability. We like to think we are doing the right thing and promoting what is best for all children, but this process really pushed us to examine more closely, more carefully.

A client deepens its appreciation for diversity and inclusion. The Race Matters training helped me realize that it is not only the color of one’s skin but the experience of one’s life that will inform our understanding of needs and solutions for diverse populations. A … corporate executive may not provide the same insights into … poverty as a grass roots community organizer. Whether identifying board members or partners, speakers or survey respondents, this is an important consideration to ensure we get the input we need.

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