Our History


JustPartners, Inc., home to the Race Matters Institute (RMI), is an African-American-led 501c3 national consulting firm established in 2003. RMI seeds were planted over a decade ago when the original Race Matters Toolkit was developed within the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The Foundation later provided initial resources for the Institute to be launched as a self-sustaining consulting enterprise.

Today, we have a diverse pool of clients across the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Our goal is to help clients increase their mission-driven results through advancing racial equity as a component of mission performance. We are especially known for  customizing race-informed strategies to an organization’s specific mission and everyday work. This includes communications, internal and external planning processes and organizational development. The original Toolkit has also inspired broader and deeper offerings to advance racial equity that have grown from the expressed needs of the many clients with whom we have had the privilege to work.




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