Racial Equity

Ensure that your programmatic results and operational practices promote the potential — and capitalize on the assets — of every person and all communities.

Our nation’s strength depends on the well-being of everyone. Yet the growing diversity of the U.S. population has not brought with it equity in terms of opportunities and outcomes.  Virtually every indicator of individual and community well-being shows troubling, deep-seated, and even increasing disparities by race/ethnicity.

A growing number of organizations, communities, states and national organizations and networks want to “work on race.”  The work we do and our products in use in over 30 states and nationally consistently move clients to action to close racial gaps on key indicators in their work.

We have learned that with the right message, analysis, and tools, organizations WILL work toward racial equity.  JPI and its Race Matters Institute offer proven strategies that work to overcome the inequitable effects of policies, practices, and communications – often unintended and too often invisible to those who aren’t negatively affected.


  • Organizations and government units whose policies and programs require optimal impact across diverse groups
  • Organizations that want to model equity in their internal policies and practices
  • Public, private and nonprofit organizations who understand that equity is in their organization’s mission-driven interest and want to model best practice
  • Organizations, advocates, and media who wish to communicate effectively across diverse population
  • Communities and networks seeking to build scale for change through collective impact

For more detail about JPI’s work on racial equity, please visit the companion website of our Race Matters Institute, www.racemattersinstitute.org. We invite you to review available products here for action-focused materials that can be helpful to you immediately.


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