Additional Strategies for Our Shared Future

Ensure that your organization is forward-looking and adds value for what the future requires.

Organizational value requires relevance. Organizations want their good intentions to produce good results. Our shared future needs both. JPI’s lead offerings around racial equity and age inclusiveness incorporate a wide range of expertise applicable to organizational development more generally. In the past we have applied our organizational development expertise both nationally and internationally to help clients address strategic concerns such as higher education in the Ivory Coast, West Africa, and disaster preparation post-Katrina in the U.S. We have helped others make the case for their good outcomes more effectively. In short, we invite your inquiry to see if we can help you realize aspirations that contribute optimally to our shared future.


  • Nonprofit organizations, foundations and government agencies who want to refine or revise their strategic purpose and maximize their results
  • Long-standing nonprofits or foundations who are considering expansion of their services or investment areas or need to cut back
  • Organizations who have a story to tell or a product that needs to be developed
  • Organizations who are ready for more transparent decision-making  and accountability processes
  • Nonprofits whose effectiveness and efficiency require improved processes
  • Organizations who are searching for that “blue ocean” strategy to shape the future.

We invite you to review available products here for action-focused materials that demonstrate the breadth of what JPI offers.

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