Age-Inclusive Communities

Ensure that all age groups thrive in an aging society.

The challenges of an aging society open up opportunities to think and act differently in terms of all age groups and the communities they share.  Families aren’t routinely divided or competing by age; our communities and their resources shouldn’t be, either. JPI’s work builds capacity for smart choices that address current community needs across generations — using elders as resources — as well as anticipating the concerns of generations to come.

The work we do and our products in use in over 20 states and nationally consistently enable clients to utilize available resources more effectively through recognition of the interdependence of age groups.


  • Nonprofits, funders and government units whose work must impact all age groups, even in the midst of fiscal constraints
  • Age-specialized community agencies and planning units with a need to raise and leverage funds
  • Community agencies and government planning units in regions experiencing the effects of aging, including retiree in-migration
  • Area Agencies on Aging wanting to model best inter-generational practices or undergoing leadership or strategy changes

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