Particular moments in history call for new ways of doing work. Today, our shared success is at stake. You have a role to play.

Your organization’s work can contribute to advancing greater equity and collective well-being by embracing our nation’s increasing diversity. Organizations will not optimize their mission performance without addressing racial equity. Our communities will not thrive without honoring our interdependence across age and race/ethnicity.

For almost two decades JustPartners, Inc. (JPI), along with the work of our Race Matters Institute (RMI), has promoted the aspiration of our shared success. We work alongside organizations to help improve your strategies, policies, practices, and products in order to promote racial equity and strengthen intergenerational bonds. Our support includes customized:

  • Organizational assessment to identify your strengths and areas for further effort
  • Training to provide baseline competencies and tools that advance shared success
  • Technical assistance and coaching to ensure movement toward results
  • Product development

Our experience covers organizations and networks of all sizes, across all sectors, in places urban and rural, and with local, state, and national reach. Please let us know how we can assist you.

Together, let’s make a history that honors our interdependence and promotes our shared well-being. 

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