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The resolution of the financial and environmental stresses affecting the nation and the world will not come too soon.  Their ramifications cut across virtually all community issues.   The time could not be more right for the integrated, community-based strategies and actions offered in the Viable Futures Center.

A New Math for Tough Times (PDF)
A collection of community-based ideas for maximizing limited resources, using economies of scope (one solution solving more than one problem) and synergy (one change + one change = far more than two good results) as criteria for selecting these community solutions.
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Bridges to Manhood
Too many of the young men who come through the juvenile justice system have either no relationship with their father or one that is damaged. A significant number of these young men are now biological fathers themselves, yet lack the knowledge to be responsible fathers. We know the importance of responsible fatherhood to children, so our intent was to help provide opportunities to young men by building competencies and skills to become better men and fathers, while the young men were under orders of probation. This program could interrupt what otherwise might be an inter-generational cycle of father absence.
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Responsible Relocation Road Map (PDF)
Case Study. Offers a programmatic approach†to ensure that low-income families displaced involuntarily by community redevelopment actually end up better off as a result.† Makes the case for this approach, gives examples of the approach in action, and provides issue-by-issue guidance on project management, regulatory issues, key partnerships, needs assessments, service provision, and evaluation.
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Online Lifeline (PDF)
Provides step-by-step guidance for the development of a website portal that can give trustworthy, up-to-date information to residents in the face of local disaster. Intended for both emergency preparedness and disaster recovery efforts.
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5 Tips for County Officials in Tough Fiscal Times
5 Tips for County Officials in Tough Fiscal Times - how to make those limited resources reach maximum potential. Ideas from cities around the nation that are working!
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Issues and Options for Philanthropy (PDF)
Prepared for the Annie E. Casey Foundation. Thirteen Fact Sheets on a range of topics for philanthropic investment. Each gives an overview of the issue area, with basic data, options where investments can pay off, and resources for further understanding of the issue. An example of the Fact Sheets and Issue Briefs that JPI prepares for nonprofits.
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Social Marketing Materials
Prepared for various clients. A product that promotes an organizationís value and advances its niche by distinguishing it from an otherwise crowded field of nonprofits. Based on the latest social marketing research.
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