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These resources are designed to help organizations get better results in their work by providing equitable opportunities for everyone. The tools can be used individually or collectively to analyze issues and develop strategies that lead to effective, measurable impact.

Fact Sheets
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The Race Matters Toolkit
(the original, continually updated through lessons learned in its application)

Download the Toolkit Here. This link will take you to the Viable Futures Center where you can download the entire toolkit (and more) completely free of charge.

MORE Race Matters

More Race Matters: 3 Tools for Getting Started with the Race Matters Toolkit (Abridged Tools) 

The three updated core tools from the original Race Matters Toolkit:

  • What’s Race Got to do with It?
  • The Racial Equity Impact Analysis
  • How to Talk About Race

Race Matters: Guidelines for Promoting Racially Equitable Purchasing (Tool) 
Three steps for organizations wanting to ensure that their purchasing decisions are racially equitable.

Race Matters: Guidelines for Achieving Staff and Board Diversity (Tool)
Three steps for organizations seeking ways to ensure more racially diverse board and staff.

Advancing Better Outcomes for All Children: Reporting Data Using a Racial Equity Lens

Guidelines and tips for presenting data on race and racial equity in responsible ways that produce a strong case for addressing equity for all children.

Advancing the Mission Toolkit

The first question a foundation asks is, “How can we achieve our mission?”
and the second is, “What do we need in order to do that?” When
foundations raise matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) within the
context of answering these questions, the issues have a better chance of
staying on the table and being infused into everyone’s work. When equity,
diversity, and inclusion are understood as mission-relevant, strategies for
achieving them have “natural homes” to fit into, as the “hard-wiring” tools in
this Toolkit illustrate. All organizations can benefit from the lessons derived
from the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s experiences captured in this toolkit to
ensure that ones own administrative policies and practices are equitable.

Advancing the Mission Toolkit