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Race Matters Institute issues new fact sheets and issue briefs on a regular basis.
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New Issue Briefs

Early Reading Success 
Early School Attendance
Black Male Achievement and Summer Learning 
Black Male Achievement and Early Reading Success 
Black Male Achievement and Early School Attendance
Opportunities for Youth
Advancing Child Welfare


The following fact sheets, though still useful, are from the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s original
Race Matters toolkit publication in 2004.

Child and Youth Development

1.  Unequal Opportunities for Health and Wellness
2.  Adolescent Reproductive Health
3.  School Readiness
4.  Unequal Opportunities in Education
5.  Youth in Transition


Family and Community Success

6.  Income Security
7.  Family Economic Success
8.  Rural Family Economic Success
9.  Neighborhood Vitality
10. Civic Participation

Public Systems

11. Unequal Opportunity within the Child Welfare System
12. Juvenile Justice
13. Criminal Justice


14. Media